Motorised Curtains

The ultimate Window Treatment

Effortless operation of your curtains at the touch of a button. Motorised curtains eliminate the need for chains and cords, it is perfect for those seeking a modern and sophisticated interior with clean, minimalist lines.

Motorised curtains are ideal for very high ceilings and delicate or expensive fabrics. Motorised curtains are also the perfect solution for controlling heavy, functional curtains such as home cinema curtains with acoustic cloth, or commercial grade conference room curtains.

We offer motorised curtain solutions for Single, Double, Bent & Stage tracks, as well as integration into home automation systems.

Let the future in.

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Super quiet & flexible design

  • Curtains are controlled by the simple touch of a button.
  • The curtains can be set to open from the centre, or any one side.
  • There is a „light touch“ start function whereby simply pulling on the fabric starts the curtain running automatically.
  • The curtain can still be opened manually if the power is off.
  • The curtain will stop automatically if it meets resistance, to protect the system.

Affordable, reliable & easy to install

  • We have extremely competetive pricing - contact us for a quote!
  • We offer a 5 year guarantee on the operation of the motor.
  • The Motorised Track is easy to install and the remote easy to programme.
  • Provision needs to be made for a power point on the wall, next to the curtain. An electrician should be consulted for this. Power supply 230V AC.

Integrates into home Automation Systems

  • Our Trendystuff motors integrate seamlessly with a range of Home Automation systems including Control 4, Crestron, HAI, Elan, and more.
  • The Trendystuff TS100 RS232 to RF 15 Channel controller can wirelessly control up to 15 curtains or blinds.
  • Our TS100 is highly affordable when compared to our competitors products.

Great Aesthetics

  • The motor and cabling remain hidden, even when the curtain is fully open.
  • Maximum track width is 12 metres.
  • The sleek, elegant RF Remote Control can work from 80 metres away, and does not require line of sight. It is supplied with batteries (battery life expectation > 3 years) and includes a neat wall holder.

Product Overview

The Motorised Curtain System contains:

  • One or two 220V Motors (depending on curtain weight)
  • Fully assembled and operational Curtain Track (including driving belt & pulley), Custom made to required length
  • Curtain Hooks/Hangers (13 per metre length) supplied
  • Ceiling Brackets supplied (for affixing to Ceiling - 1 per metre, plus 2 extra) 
  • Wall brackets an optional extra
  • The motor can be placed on either side or both sides of the track
  • Curtains weighing more than 65 Kgs require 2 motors
  • A selection of chic Remotes and Wall Controllers available

We also offer:

  • Bent Tracks (90° and 135° bends) for bay & corner windows
  • Stage Tracks for theatres and extremely wide and heavy curtains (Up to 20m widths and max. weight 150 Kgs)
Product Overview
Technical Specifications

Choosing Fabrics

Choosing Fabrics

Curtains are an opportunity to add a splash of life to your home. The choice of fabrics, styles and textures is vast. Our experienced Interior Decorator can assist in finding your desired look. (Currently Gauteng & Durban Areas Only).

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How to measure

How to measure

See our detailed instruction how to measure your windows for Motorised Curtains.

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